cities and people

Smart Transylvanian cities, efficient and environmentally friendly, planned and optimised for their residents are a reality and a discussion topic for mayors, city managers, the companies and associatiations present in Alba Iulia.


Transylvania Awards 2018 Gala

At the Transylvania Awards 2018 Gala we celebrated the companies and the people who were by our side and who, through their daily operations, help with the development of the region and of the country.

The Transylvania Awards 2018 trophy is handmade by the Transylvanian craftsman, Dan Les, who chose the spiral as a symbol of development, of gradual, slow and continual discovery.

Smart Cities:

  • Alba Iulia Town Hall

Romanian talent aggregators and communities, purposed towards social goals:

  • Code4Romania

  • CivicTech

  • Romanian IT

  • EFdeN

Cultural brands that produce our yearly summer schedule:

  • Untold

  • Electric Castle

  • Jazz in the Park

  • TIFF